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Introducing The World's First Amplified Pedalboard

SKB has been designing innovative pedalboards for guitar enthusiasts for more than 15 years. To keep up with technology and the needs of guitarists of all genres, SKB has developed the world’s first AC/DC pedalboard with a built-in combo amp featuring a 6” Eminence speaker. The 1SKB-FN-8 FootNote® Amplified Pedalboard is a fully powered pedalboard that will accommodate up to eight 9 volt DC pedals and can be taken anywhere, whether you find yourself on stage, on the street corner, in the garage or with headphones plugged in for a private session.

FootNote® Features:

  • Built-in Combo Amp
    Featuring 6" Eminence Speaker
  • AUX / MP3 Player Input
    Play along to your tunes
  • Line Out
    For recording or live use
  • External Speaker Output
    Easily handles your favorite cab
  • AC / DC Powered
    For ultimate portability
  • Powers Up to 8 Pedals
    No more 9V batteries
  • Headphone Output
    For private sessions
  • Cable Tester
    For your audio cables
FootNote Reviews
"The FootNote is like no other pedalboard on the market."
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"This Pedalboard/Amp RULES!"
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"One of the best thought-out tools for serious guitarists."
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FootNote® Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions
Connectors & Switches
Combo Amp

5-Watt Class AB Amplifier with 6-inch 4 ohm Eminence Speaker.

AUX / MP3 Input

1/8” input (3.5mm) to connect an additional audio source such as mp3 players and monitor signals.

Line Out

Connect Hi-Z output directly to a live mixing board or studio recording console. Use a DI box if Lo-Z output is required.

External Speaker Output

Capable of handling speaker loads down to 4 ohms. Connect to your favorite 1, 2 or 4x12 cab.

AC Adapter

1A 9VDC center negative AC adapter included.
For international versions, please refer to the following SKU list:
* 1SKB-FN-8EU (Europe)
* 1SKB-FN-8J (Japan)
* 1SKB-FN-8UK (UK)

Battery Compartment (DC Power)

Built-in 6 D-cell battery compartment (Batteries not included).

Power Output for Pedals

Eight 9VDC center negative outputs to power 9V battery-powered pedals (Pedals not included).

Headphone Output

1/8” output jack (3.5mm).

Cable Tester

Checks 1/4” audio / instrument cables to ensure that they are in good working order.

Speaker On/Off Switch

Turns built-in speaker on or off. This switch does not have any effect when the External Speaker Jack is in use.