SKB Launches New Mic Case Line

January 8, 2010
ORANGE, CA - SKB Corporation announces a new line of injection molded mic cases that will house a variety of the most popular mics. The 3i-0907-MC6 holds six mics in a very compact case while the 3i-2011-MC16 holds 16 mics stored vertically and the 3i-2015-MC24 stores 24 mics in a rolling ... Read Full Story »

SKB Distributor Markets 3I Cases For Trade Show Transport

November 16, 2009
Protect your fragile exhibit equipment during shipping with the SKB 3I Series Military Standard Case. Owing its strength to its injection molding construction the case includes built-in wheels, a retractable handle and a foam interior. The case comes in 13 sizses, includes a lifetime warranty, ... Read Full Story »

Canyonwest Expands Its Selection Of Injection Molded Cases

September 8, 2009
SKB has introduced its new 3I-2317-14 Injection Molded case as seen in the September/October 2009 issue of Equipment Protection Magazine. Canyonwest Case, an SKB distributor, is making them available to companies needing strong cases to safeguard sensitive equipment against water, dust or shipping ... Read Full Story »

Tiger Outfielder And Avid Angler, Clete Thomas, Tours The SKB Factory In Orange, CA

August 27, 2009
Clete Thomas, talented young outfielder for the Detroit Tigers, was in town this week for a series witht he Angels. When he foung out that the SKB factory and corporate facilities were a mile from the stadium, it wasn an opportunity to indulge his other sports passion - fishing.

Clete is ... Read Full Story »

SKB's Watertight Cases Survive The South Pole

August 6, 2009
Pictures really do speak louder than words when it comes to describing some feats.

Scientists used SKB 3I and 3R Series of watertight cases when transporting their cameras and delicate testing equipment to Antartica, The exploration team blasted a 6 foot deep hole in the ice cap to search ... Read Full Story »