Shipping Label Plate (3SKB-SLP)access_thumb

The aluminum shipping label plate can be added to the exterior of Shock Racks, 3R Series and the 3i Series cases to adhere shipping labels or marking of products for inventory. The label measures 12" x 7" and can be mounted to any product for secure labeling.

The installation kit is complete with stainless steel mounting scres, rubber backed sealing washers and nylock nuts to maintain the watertight seal of the cases.

Shock Absorber Kit (3SKB-SA)access_thumb

Set of 8 extra shock absorbers for SKB's Shock Racks capable of load ranges of 40 to 150 lbs. (18 kg to 68 kg)

Shock Rack Caster Board (1SKB-1916)access_thumb

Roto molded caster board with 3" locking wheels for stacking SKB 20 Inch Shockracks for convenient transportation

Small Accessory Pocket (3SKB-BB60)access_thumb

Accessory pocket that measures 20" x 10" x 3" with hardware to attach to the inside of SKB Shock Rack lids. Download installation instructions.

TSA Cable Combination Padlocks (1SKB-PDL-C)access_thumb

The SKB TSA Cable Padlock allows you to set your own combination and are easily recognizable by TSA screeners. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) baggage screeners are trained to recognize the Travel Sentry logo on TSA accepted locks, which allow them to open, inspect and relock baggage. The 1SKB-PDL-C TSA Combination Cable lock is sold in a 2 pack and is in addition to the TSA padlock option as well as the patented Trigger Latches with TSA locks built in. Set your own combination with convenient cable loops for larger cases