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R Series 8608-8 Waterproof Utility Case w/ Wheels

Model: 3R8608-8B-EW

The 3R8608-8 Roto molded case features convenient edge wheels and tow handle for easy transport.

Series:  3R Series Cases
Interior Length: 86.50 in  (219.71 cm)
Interior Width: 8.00 in  (20.32 cm)
Interior Depth:  8.00 in  (20.32 cm)

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Velcro® Compatible Rack Shelf For Slant Mount Racks

Model: 1SKB-VS-2

The 1SKB-VS-2 is an 8U shelf designed to be used with any of our top slant rack mixer cases such as the 1SKB-R102, 1SKB-R104, 1SKB-R106 or Gig Rig products such as the 1SKB19-R1208. The VS-2 shelf has a hook and loop covering to...

Series:  Rack Accessories

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Roto and Shallow Rack Caster Platform

Model: 1SKB-RCB

Roto molded caster board with 4" locking wheels for stacking and moving SKB's Roto Molded, Shallow Roto Racks and Standard Racks for convenient transportation.

The Roto Caster Board includes durable cinch straps that ...

Series:  Rack Accessories

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Shockmount Roto Caster Kit

Model: 1SKB-1916

Roto molded caster board with 3" locking wheels for stacking SKB's 20" Shock Racks for convenient transportation.

Series:  Rack Accessories

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Rotomolded GigDolly

Model: 1SKB-R3224

Rotomolded caster board with 5 inch locking caster wheels that will mount to the SKB19-REX6 Expander or the SKB19-R1400 GigSafe for easy transport.

Series:  Rack Accessories

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