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iSeries 2213 Lid Organizer designed by Think Tank

Model: 3i-LO2213-TT

SKB Cases has teamed up with Think Tank Photo, the premier soft case manufacturer, to design and manufacture high quality lid organizers for the SKB iSeries injection molded cases. The 3i-LO2213-TT Lid Organizer is made to fit ...

Series:  Case Accessories

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iSeries 2011-7/2011-8 Think Tank Designed Zippered Divider Set

Model: 5DZ-2011-TT

SKB has teamed up with Think Tank Photo -- the premier photo/video bag and backpack company -- to design quality interiors that provide the best of both worlds: soft case adaptability with the unparalleled strength and ...

Series:  Case Accessories
Interior Length: 19.50 in  (49.53 cm)
Interior Width: 10.50 in  (26.67 cm)
Interior Depth:  6.75 in  (17.15 cm)

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Roto-molded Tripod Case w/ Wheels

Model: 1SKB-R4209W

The 1SKB-R4209W is the ideal protection for transporting professional tripods, lighting stands, or other hardware. Roto molded of rugged Linear Low Density Polyethylene this case is designed with internal foam on the base and ...

Series:  Rail Pack Utility Cases
Interior Length: 42.00 in  (106.68 cm)
Interior Width: 9.00 in  (22.86 cm)
Interior Depth:  9.00 in  (22.86 cm)

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Roto-Molded Medium Sized Stand Case

Model: 2SKB-R4916W

SKB Corporation has expanded their line-up of rugged Roto Space Saver Series of cases with the 2SKB-R4916W Roto-Molded Medium Sized Stand case. This case accompanies the 2SKB-R5017W Large Roto Space Saver Stand case and the ...

Series:  Rail Pack Utility Cases
Interior Length: 49.25 in  (125.10 cm)
Interior Width: 12.50 in  (31.75 cm)
Interior Depth:  14.00 in  (35.56 cm)

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Heavy Duty Case without foam in black

Model: 8M1711-01BE

*** Only available by special order with minimum quantities. Please contact your sales rep for details. ***

These tough as nails cases are designed for real abuse. Our Heavy Duty Cases are the containers of choice ...

Series:  Heavy Duty Series
Interior Length: 17.75 in  (45.09 cm)
Interior Width: 11.25 in  (28.58 cm)
Interior Depth:  8.00 in  (20.32 cm)

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