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ATA 61 Note Keyboard Case

Model: 1SKB-4214W

*** Only available by special order with minimum quantities. Please contact your sales rep for details. ***

The 1SKB-4214W 61-note keyboard case has been designed to accommodate TSA accepted and recognized locking ...

Series:  Low Profile Cases
Interior Length: 42.75 in  (108.59 cm)
Interior Width: 15.00 in  (38.10 cm)
Interior Depth:  5.00 in  (12.70 cm)

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LCD Monitor Case

Model: 3SKB-5260

The interior of this large format LCD case features foam padding system that is designed to hold one or two monitors from 52" to 60" in the desirable upright position.

This Large LCD monitor case is rotationally molded ...

Series:  Flat Screen Transport
Interior Length: 60.46 in  (153.57 cm)
Interior Width: 12.21 in  (31.01 cm)
Interior Depth:  45.23 in  (114.88 cm)

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42"-50" Flat Screen Transport Case

Model: 3SKB-4250


The 3SKB-4250 Flat Screen Transport Case is rotationally molded of LLDPE Polyethylene for superior strength and durability, and accommodates LCD screens that are 42" to 50" in ...

Series:  Flat Screen Transport
Interior Length: 49.50 in  (125.73 cm)
Interior Width: 9.71 in  (24.66 cm)
Interior Depth:  34.20 in  (86.87 cm)

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Rail Pack Utility Case without Foam

Model: 1SKB-H3611

Durable, ATA Rated, Rail Pack Cases provide a practical solution to transporting a wide variety of contents. These industrial cases are designed to exceed the ATA 300, category 1. Internal straps are included in base to secure ...

Series:  Rail Pack Utility Cases
Interior Length: 36.75 in  (93.35 cm)
Interior Width: 12.00 in  (30.48 cm)
Interior Depth:  8.25 in  (20.96 cm)

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Roto-Molded Tripod Case

Model: 1SKB-R3709W

Provides ideal protection for transporting professional tripods, lighting stands, or other hardware. Roto molded of rugged Linear Low Density Polyethylene this case is designed with internal foam on the base and lid to keep the...

Series:  Rail Pack Utility Cases
Interior Length: 37.00 in  (93.98 cm)
Interior Width: 9.00 in  (22.86 cm)
Interior Depth:  9.00 in  (22.86 cm)

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