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24" Deep 6U Roto Shock Rack

Model: 3SKB-R906U24

Compound hinge system and field replaceable latches that allows the lid to swing out and completely around to lie flat against the main body of the case, or you can go lid-less with an effortless lift motion and reinstalled with...

Series:  24 Inch Deep Series
Interior Width: 19.00 in  (48.26 cm)
Interior Height:  10.50 in  (26.67 cm)
Rackable Depth:  24.00 in  (60.96 cm)
Rack Units Total:  6

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20" Deep 8U Roto Shock Rack

Model: 1SKB-R908U20

An internal frame mounted on adjustable elastomer shock absorbers on all eight corners. These revolutionary shocks are designed to control the effects of shock and vibration on three axes. The "sway" space around the internal ...

Series:  20 Inch Deep Series
Interior Width: 19.00 in  (48.26 cm)
Interior Height:  14.00 in  (35.56 cm)
Rackable Depth:  20.00 in  (50.80 cm)
Rack Units Total:  8

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iSeries 2217-10 Waterproof Utility Case

Model: 3i-2217-10BE

SKB iSeries Injection Molded Mil-Standard Waterproof Cases are molded of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin, featuring a gasket sealed, water and dust tight, submersible design (MIL-C-4150J / IP67) that is ...

Series:  iSeries Cases
Interior Length: 22.00 in  (55.88 cm)
Interior Width: 17.00 in  (43.18 cm)
Interior Depth:  10.50 in  (26.67 cm)

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16" Deep Roto X Shipping Case without foam

Model: 3SKB-X5026-16

*** Only available by special order with minimum 20 piece quantities. Please contact your sales rep for details. ***

Rotationally molded shipping containers with the Roto X pattern that stack securely for efficient...

Series:  RX Shipping Cases
Interior Length: 50.00 in  (127.00 cm)
Interior Width: 26.00 in  (66.04 cm)
Interior Depth:  16.00 in  (40.64 cm)

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Luggage Style Transport Case without foam

Model: 9P1108-01BE

The SKB line of heavy-duty luggage-style cases offers sleek, contemporary styling, consistently fine craftsmanship and unequaled durability. Vacuum formed of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene that is resistant to oils, ...

Series:  Luggage Style Cases
Interior Length: 11.25 in  (28.58 cm)
Interior Width: 8.38 in  (21.27 cm)
Interior Depth:  5.00 in  (12.70 cm)

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