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Low Profile ATA Case with wheels

Model: 3SKB-4212W

These low profile shipping cases are ATA rated with heavy duty built-in wheels with bumper protection and SKB's indestructible injection molded trigger release latching system that feature TSA recognized and accepted locks. With...

Series:  Low Profile Cases
Interior Length: 42.00 in  (106.68 cm)
Interior Width: 11.75 in  (29.85 cm)
Interior Depth:  6.00 in  (15.24 cm)

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Rail Pack Utility Case without Foam

Model: 1SKB-H4812W

Durable, ATA Rated, Rail Pack Cases provide a practical solution to transporting a wide variety of contents. These industrial cases are designed to exceed the ATA 300, category 1. Internal straps are included in the base to ...

Series:  Rail Pack Utility Cases
Interior Length: 48.13 in  (122.24 cm)
Interior Width: 11.25 in  (28.58 cm)
Interior Depth:  11.00 in  (27.94 cm)

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Heavy Duty Case without foam in black

Model: 8M1714-01BE

These tough as nails cases are designed for real abuse. Our Heavy Duty Cases are the containers of choice for transporting goods around the corner or around the world with maximum protection.

Series:  Heavy Duty Series
Interior Length: 17.75 in  (45.09 cm)
Interior Width: 14.38 in  (36.51 cm)
Interior Depth:  9.00 in  (22.86 cm)

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10U Roto Shockmount Rack Case - 28

Model: 3SKB-R910U28

28 inch Heavy Duty Shockrack systems include a revolutionary new patented Adjustable Rail Conversion System. This ARCS technology allows the user to adjust the rack width up to 0.5 inches on each side and optional easy-mount ...

Series:  28 Inch Deep Series
Interior Width: 19.00 in  (48.26 cm)
Interior Height:  17.50 in  (44.45 cm)
Rackable Depth:  29.25 in  (74.30 cm)
Rack Units Total:  10

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7U Removable Shock Rack

Model: 3RR-7U24-25B

SKB's 3RR Series Removable Shock Rack Transport cases that are available in 7 sizes, 3U,4U, 5U, 7U, 9U, 11U and 14U.These new Shock Racks are lightweight, shockproof, watertight, dustproof, heat and chemical resistant, perfect ...

Series:  24 Inch Removable Series
Interior Width: 19.00 in  (48.26 cm)
Interior Height:  12.25 in  (31.12 cm)
Rackable Depth:  24.00 in  (60.96 cm)
Rack Units Total:  7

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