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ATA Maximum Protection Case without foam

Model: 3SKB-3018M

*** Only available by special order with minimum quantities. Please contact your sales rep for details. ***

These tough as nails cases are designed for real abuse. MP Series Shipping Cases are the containers of ...

Series:  Maximum Protection Cases
Interior Length: 30.25 in  (76.84 cm)
Interior Width: 19.25 in  (48.90 cm)
Interior Depth:  17.50 in  (44.45 cm)

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3U Roto Rack

Model: 1SKB-R3U

The re-designed 1SKB-R3U Roto-molded Rack Case meets the needs of musicians and pro audio engineers, and includes gasket-sealed full front and rear covers for easy access. The 1SKB-3RU features a recognizable exterior bar ...

Series:  Roto Racks
Interior Width: 19.00 in  (48.26 cm)
Interior Height:  5.25 in  (13.34 cm)
Rackable Depth:  17.50 in  (44.45 cm)
Rack Units Total:  3

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Hook and Loop Fastener Shelf

Model: 1SKB-VS-1

Be creative with this rackmount pull-out shelf. Cushioned heavy-duty Hook and Loop Fastener surface will hold hundreds of different gizmos and gadgets.

Series:  Rack Accessories
Interior Width: 14.50 in  (36.83 cm)
Interior Height:  2.50 in  (6.35 cm)
Rack Units Total:  2

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Velcro® Compatible Rack Shelf For Slant Mount Racks

Model: 1SKB-VS-2

The 1SKB-VS-2 is an 8U shelf designed to be used with any of our top slant rack mixer cases such as the 1SKB-R102, 1SKB-R104, 1SKB-R106 or Gig Rig products such as the 1SKB19-R1208. The VS-2 shelf has a hook and loop covering to...

Series:  Rack Accessories

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Shockmount Roto Caster Kit

Model: 1SKB-1916

Roto molded caster board with 3" locking wheels for stacking SKB's 20" Shock Racks for convenient transportation.

Series:  Rack Accessories

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