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TSA 3 Locking Latch Kit

Model: 3i-TSA-3

Replacing your SKB trigger latches with TSA locking trigger latches is quick and easy with the 3i-TSA-3 Locking Latch Kit. Each kit includes 2 TSA locking latches, replacement pins and 2 keys that are quick and easy to install....

Series:  Case Accessories

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RX Series Caster Kit

Model: 3SKB-CAST

Set of four 4" casters with screws designed for the Roto-X Shipping Case Series. (Also serves as a field replaceable part for certain other SKB products that ship standard with wheels.)

Series:  Case Accessories

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Shipping Label Plate

Model: 3SKB-SLP

The aluminum shipping label plate can be added to the exterior of Shock Racks, 3R Series and the 3i Series cases to adhere shipping labels or marking of products for inventory. The label measures 12" x 7" and can be mounted to ...

Series:  Case Accessories
Interior Width: 7.00 in  (17.78 cm)

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R Series Wheel Kit

Model: 3R-WK12

Edge Wheel kit for R Series cases. This kit includes two assembled wheels and hardware needed to convert any R Series case that does not come standard with wheels. The kit includes: 1 Cutout Template, 8 Screws, 8 Nylock Nuts, 8 ...

Series:  Case Accessories

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TSA Cable Combination Padlock

Model: 1SKB-PDL-C

The SKB TSA Cable Padlock allows you to set your own combination and are easily recognizable by TSA screeners. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) baggage screeners are trained to recognize the Travel Sentry logo ...

Series:  Case Accessories

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