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SKB Cases Launches A New Era In Manufacturing Capabilities

SKB Cases Launches A New Era In Manufacturing Capabilities

January 15, 2009

Massive new Hydraulic Toggle Injection Molding System device will offer significant enhancements to SKB’s innovative product line. Company makes major investment in its Orange, California facility with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to help ensure long-term growth.

At the center of this upgrade is a massive new energy-saving hydraulic toggle injection Molding System, which effectively launches a new era in manufacturing capabilities for SKB. The machine’s high efficiency, technological advantages and energy-saving capabilities, improved repeatability due to the servo motor closed loop operation, quick response time, and a much lower noise level in low-speed applications will allow SKB to continue to develop innovative and cost-effective new products for the market sectors in which they specialize. This major investment by SKB will also allow the company to expand into new market sectors with increased productivity and help insure the long-term growth of the company without sacrificing the attention to detail that SKB has been known for over the past 30 years.

This device features high-efficiency electric servo pumps and is one of the most impressive machines of its kind currently in operation and one of the largest in the United States. The initial case production run will require a 27,000-pound mold. The unit offers 2.25 million pounds of clamping pressure and a twin cylinder balanced injection system operation with a massive 405 oz. (25 pound) shot capacity. It features an 8-axis robot with a 44 pound payload rating and 175,000 pound capacity permanent electro-magnetic (neodymium rare-earth) clamping platens. Recently delivered and installed at SKB’s main factory, the new addition to SKB’s equipment family weighed in at 225,000 pounds.

"For the past 30 years, SKB has always been a leader in our field, and this piece of equipment offers significant enhancements to what SKB can offer," stated company President Dave Sanderson. He continues, "The strength, finesse, efficiency and precision of its operation will result in improved product construction and an even more innovative product line. Steve Kottman, company CEO, echoes Sanderson’s remarks, "We are very excited about our new Injection Molding System and what it represents for our company, our sales partners and our customers. It’s a great way to cap off our 31st year."

Incorporated in 1977, SKB Cases is the industry leader in musical instrument and equipment cases and rack systems. Constantly innovating, SKB Cases strives to accommodate the needs of the professional musician with the highest quality transport protection available anywhere. All SKB brand hard cases are backed by our Million Mile Guaranty.

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