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The DJ Battle Cruiser

The DJ Battle Cruiser

January 21, 2005

As DJ products continue to grow in popularity and new sizes and models of gear come out every year, the last thing a DJ wants to do is have to purchase a new coffin because his or her gear set-up has changed. Well SKB has eliminated that with the new DJ Battle Cruiser, the last and only "coffin" case DJ's will need.

With interior measurements of 42" (106.68 cm) in length, 19" (48.26 cm) in width, and 6.5" (16.51 cm), the SKB DJ Battle Cruiser, model number SKB-4219DJ is designed to accommodate most gear in today's most popular configurations. Capable of accommodating any combination CDDJ players, DJ turntables and DJ mixers, the DJ Battle Cruiser holds product in place with SKB's patented Corner Cleats and hook and loop fastener system.

"The DJ Battle Cruiser is really a break through for DJ and music retailers," observed Will Simes, SKB Product Specialist and active DJ. "Coffins are most commonly made out of wood. Therefore, you purchase a case based on your existing set-up. This is great until you change your gear," Simes commented from personal experience. "Now you have to go out and make another investment in a case, when you really want to be spending your money on the latest, hottest gear. Our new DJ Battle Cruiser provides the flexibility to alter your set-up without obsolescing your case. For music retailers it is ideal. No longer do you have to try and stock up to a half dozen different SKU's to accommodate common set-ups. The DJ Battle Cruiser with our patented Corner Cleat technology allows one case to satisfy many different configurations. This offers dealers SKU consolidation, which increases the velocity of their inventory turns," Simes adds.

Competitively priced to carpeted cases, SKB's DJ Battle Cruiser offers a more durable, climate resistant product at half the weight of wood. The DJ Battle Cruiser comes with a convenient built-in handle for towing, and two side handles for lifting the Battle Cruiser in a vehicle or onto a table. The Battle Cruiser also features wheels and layered foam in the lid, enabling the Corner Cleats to protect the gear from shifting side-to-side, and the foam to hold it in place top-to-bottom.

The DJ Battle Cruiser is backed by SKB's unsurpassed Million Mile Lifetime Warranty.

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