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Ultimate In Humidity Control From SKB

Ultimate in Humidity Control From SKB

June 27, 2003

The biggest enemy of acoustic guitars is low humidity. Remember…your guitar started out as a tree. Just as it once did, it depends on water to stay healthy. Fine guitar makers carefully control the climate in their factories maintaining a 40%-55% relative humidity. Lower relative humidity, as found in heated winter homes and naturally dry climates, causes wood to shrink. This shrinkage results in cracking, failed joints, buzzing and all sorts of horrible things.

At the request of premium acoustic and classical guitar manufacturers, SKB has created an innovative new design in humidifiers providing moisture control for valuable guitars. The SKB CLIP-6 Guitar Humidifier is an inexpensive way to keep guitars and guitar players happy. It's patent pending design allows it to safely clip onto the strings and hold itself in the hole where it belongs. Inside is a piece of medical grade hydrophilic foam that can hold 16 times its weight of liquid. This foam is charged with a mixture of Propylene Glycol and water. (This is the same stuff used in cigar humidors). The Propylene Glycol stays in the foam after the water has vaporized. Therefore, when your SKB CLIP-6 needs to be recharged merely soak it in distilled water, allow it to drip dry, wipe it off and it's ready for use again.

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