SKB Waterproof Mic Case In Music Trades August 2008

August 20, 2008
The August 2008 issue of Music Trades features the announcement of one of our newest 3I Series waterproof cases, the 3I-0907-6BDD. This special version of the 3I-0907-6B model comes with a unique double divider interior specially designed to house and protect vocal microphones, drum microphones ... Read Full Story »

4U Studio Flyer In DJ Times Magazine August 2008

August 15, 2008
The new 4U Studio Flyer appeared in the August 2008 issue of DJ Times in the Cases and Stands section. This 1SKB19-RSF4U Studio Flyer is the 4U companion to the existing 2U Studio Flyer version.... Read Full Story »

SKB Rail Packs In Music Trades & Drum Business Magazines

July 31, 2008
Both Music Trades and Drum Business magazines chose to highlight the redesigned SKB Rail Pack case series. These cases feature the same great protection as the previous models, but now come standard with TSA locking latches that enable you to lock your case but still have it inspected and ... Read Full Story »

New Roto Rolling Racks Improve On Roll-X Design

July 2, 2008
Ideal for those looking to transport heavy remote recording and sound reinforcement equipment, ranging from power amplifiers to signal processors, the Roto Rolling Racks series offers secure protection with the convenience of sturdy built-in wheels and a cushioned handle. Designed as a complete ... Read Full Story »

Shockrack Line Expands With Three New 4U Sizes

June 27, 2008
Our Shockrack line of professional rackmount enclosures continues to grow with the introduction three new 4U shockrack models. The four unit 24" deep (3SKB-R904U24) Shockrack model expands the 24" deep series to seven different sizes, while the four unit 30" deep (3SKB-R904U30) Shockrack model ... Read Full Story »

Israeli Secret Service With SKB Case

June 19, 2008
SKB Cases in the Middle East - Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert photographed while an armed member of his security entourage carries a rugged SKB equipment case. This photograph first appeared in an Israeli newspaper. We posted it to our Industrial Division website after spotting our case in ... Read Full Story »

Upgrades To SKB "Rail Pack" ATA Stand Cases

June 18, 2008
We have updated our entire line of ATA stand/hardware cases. These "rail-packs" have been modified to include TSA locking trigger release latches. TSA locks enable users to lock their cases yet still allow them to be inspected by airline security and safely relocked. All rail-pack cases are ... Read Full Story »

Larger 4U Model Joins The Studio Flyer Family

June 18, 2008
Ideal for those looking to safely transport laptop computers, disk drives, audio interfaces or other rack-mount remote recording equipment, the 1SKB19-RSF4U is a larger version of the original 2U Studio Flyer, adding 2U of rack space and a larger surface that can hold a variety of laptops or flat ... Read Full Story »

Roto Shockmount Rolling Racks With Industry Leading Features

June 17, 2008
These innovative Roto Shockmount Rolling Racks build on previous SKB shockrack designs by adding wheels, a sturdy pull handle, and our patented TSA locking trigger latches. These easy-to-handle racks are rotationally molded for durability and come standard with eight elastomer shocks (load range ... Read Full Story »

SKB Tuba Cases Appear In Music Inc June 2008

June 10, 2008
Our new tuba cases caught the eye of Music Inc magazine and appear in its June 2008 issue. Available in two sizes, these SKB tuba cases accommodate large framed tubas (1SKB-390W) or medium framed tubas (1SKB-385W) from leading manufacturers such as Miraphone, Yamaha and Conn. Both cases offer the... Read Full Story »