SKB Covers What The Airlines Won't

January 9, 2006
The remarkable SKB-18RW acoustic guitar case was engineered to withstand all the rigors of a professional travel schedule. Every detail of this case design contributes to its ultimate function – instrument protection. So confident are the SKB designers, engineers and manufacturing experts that ... Read Full Story »

SKB Corporation Names Jerry Andreas Senior Vice President

December 6, 2005
SKB Corporation names Jerry Andreas Senior Vice President, Music Division. Andreas will be responsible for overseeing all marketing and sales activities worldwide for SKB MI product lines. Andreas' experience includes over 18 years of marketing and management at Yamaha Corporation of America. ... Read Full Story »

Military Standards Protection For All Of Your Gear!

July 15, 2005
The 3I-2011-7B-C Military-Standard Utility case is molded of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin; features a gasketed, water-tight and dust-tight, submersible design (IP67) that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage. Additional features include a continuous molded-in hinge with... Read Full Story »

88 Note Large Keyboard Case

July 15, 2005
Responding to continuing market trends, SKB introduces the new SKB-6118W, designed for keyboards that measure up to 61" in length, 18¾" in width and 8 1/4" in height. "Over the years professional keyboards have gotten larger, as many of the effects and the sound system is now housed within the ... Read Full Story »

Wheels Added To SKB's Sousaphone Case

July 12, 2005
Used by some of the country's leading high school and university marching bands, the SKB Sousaphone Case (SKB-380) was recently redesigned including the incorporation of wheels for easier transport. "Today's marching bands are more active than ever competitions, parades, demanding half time ... Read Full Story »

Third Size Added To New 3I Series

July 12, 2005
Following the overwhelming success of SKB's introduction of the two initial sizes of the new 3I Injection Molded Cases, SKB is proud to offer a third size. The 3I-2015-10-B measures 20.5" (52.07 cm) in length, 15.5" (39.37 cm) in width and 10" (25.4 cm) depth and is available in ... Read Full Story »

Two New Controller Cases

July 10, 2005
Recognizing the proliferation of various MIDI, synth and lighting controllers, SKB introduces two new controller cases – the SKB-C3613 and SKB-C3209. Both cases feature high-density polyethylene shells with detachable lids, die cast chrome plated latches, and precision cut aluminum valences.... Read Full Story »

The PS-45 Pedalboard Redefines The Pedalboard Market

January 21, 2005
SKB, an innovator in responding to the needs of working musicians announced a new state-of-the-art pedalboard, the NEW SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard. Utilizing SKB's patented design, the new PS-45 Pedalboard offers the durability and protection expected from SKB, but with power supply ... Read Full Story »

Expanded Roto Shockmount Rack And Industrial Shockmount Rack Sizes

January 21, 2005
With the addition of the 1SKB-R916U20, SKB now offers seven sizes of 20" depth Roto Shockmount cases. This case, just like all the other sizes in this series, provides a rotationally molded tough shell with integrally molded valance. The inner rack of this series also uses the same ... Read Full Story »

The DJ Battle Cruiser

January 21, 2005
As DJ products continue to grow in popularity and new sizes and models of gear come out every year, the last thing a DJ wants to do is have to purchase a new coffin because his or her gear set-up has changed. Well SKB has eliminated that with the new DJ Battle Cruiser, the last and only "coffin" ... Read Full Story »