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Thank You - SKB!

October 18, 2006

Hi Steven,

I must confess at times, I can be a little absent-minded. One day, I was loading instruments and equipment from my van into my garage with the van backed up to the garage door. I was nearly finished, when a neighbor friend walked up, and we started talking. Then another neighbor pulled up and couldn't pass, as I was blocking the driveway. So I pulled out my keys, and backed the van into my garage to let them pass. Almost all the way in, I began to feel some resistance, but checking my mirrors, I wasn't touching anything, and applied a little more excelerator. Then I heard a pop! It dawned on me that I had left my guitar sitting on the garage floor, parallel in length. Arghh!! I was about to be as mad at myself as I had ever been! I pulled up slightly, and dashed out to assess the damage to my baby, a handmade dreadnought guitar we call Rosalita, for the abalone rose inlay on the fretboard. The case was broken, and I feared the worst! I opened the case, and to my relief, the guitar was completely unharmed! Thank you SKB! Because of your superior design and workmanship, I can laugh at myself, rather than kick myself. You have guaranteed your products for life, and I guarantee you a customer for life.


Johnny Bruhns,
Guitarist, Keyboardist, Vocalist, etcetera