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One Tough Case

One Tough Case

March 15, 2007

Thank you for building a very fine case! My son Trevor, who is in Freshman band at his high school, has to leave his Bass (a Fender J-Bass) at school during the week for class everyday. He went to get it today and noticed that some vile, no good kid had put several gouges in the case from one end to the other.

Now this caused some concern but he figured better the case than the Bass. He came out to the car to go home and showed me the case and then noticed a quarter size hole punched totally through the outer case material at about where the body is. Thinking that it had to take quite a hit to break through the case and the gouges as well, we feared the worse for his poor Bass. Well, we opened the case and yippee, the case had absorbed all of the shock and took the damage preventing any damage to his beloved (and expensive I might add) Bass.

Thank you again for making a fine case which protected his Bass and my wallet!!!

Mr. Tracy Jones

Montana, USA