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The Best Drum Cases On The Market

The Best Drum Cases on the Market

May 26, 2007

Hello to everyone at SKB!

Thank you all for making the BEST cases on the market. I really got my moneys worth out of them the very first time my drums were transported. My band was in the process of relocating our rehersal space to a new location. My guitarist packed my drums into the van for me. When we reached the new location he opened the back door and the case containing my snare drum came crashing down on the concrete. Although I knew that it wouldn't be scratched or dented (due to it being in a case) I was amazed that it didn't even get knocked out of tune. No damage at all! Since then, I have transported my drums to every show I have ever played in SKB cases. I am proud to say that my drums are still as nice as the day I got them thanks to your cases!

Thanks for dedicating your lives to protecting our gear

One Love,
Jared Matthews