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A Smilin DJ And A Happy Bride!

June 26, 2007

Hey Everyone!I met all of you at NAMM last year (2007). I was with Ken Heath, the winner of the big prize, the Fuji F20 camera. I wanted to share my SKB story with you. Please feel free to use it as you wish.


As a Mobile Disc Jockey in Southern California, it's all about a tight schedule.
From one event to the next, it's constantly hurry up and wait. This Saturday was no different. It was an exceptionally difficult load in because we only had an hour to set up, and an unusually long hallway and stairs to negotiate. My rodie and I loaded in all the heavy stuff first, the speakers, CD collection, and the like, leaving the main control unit (mixer, CD player, Amplifier) housed in an SKB-84DJ Shuttle case out on the truck tailgate. Not thinking properly, I asked my rodie to move the truck from the load-in area to a parking stall. I walked out just in time to see the
Shuttle unit slide off the back of the truck, land and skid across the asphalt 8 to 10 feet! My heart sank as I ran over to inspect the damage. Thoughts of backup equipment and contingency plans were running through my head. Kneeling down, I removed the cloth cover to reveal no visible damage at all! Sure there were a few scratches on the case itself, but no where near the
carnage I imagined. The components powered up normally and what could have been a severe delay was avoided. Try that with a wood case? I don't think so.

Thank you SKB, not only for saving my back with your lightweight case solutions, but my neck from an upset bride!

Louis Silva
Sonic Productions
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