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Saved By My SKB-18RW ATA Acoustic Case

Saved by My SKB-18RW ATA Acoustic Case

October 16, 2007

Dear SKB,

I recently flew to Europe for a string of dates, and as usual, had the reassured confidence in my SKB acoustic road case to protect my most prized possession... and the one thing I use to make a living, a custom made Bryan Galloup acoustic guitar that took over a year to make and five years to pay off!!!

I took this picture while I was wandering through Amsterdam on my way to a gig. It's a beautiful city... and a nice backdrop for a portrait of an SKB case in action

You'll note the case was in working order and looking right at home on a brick and cobble-stone path through the Museumplein area of Amsterdam. (this is where the VanGogh museum resides, just down the street from the Heineken factory. BR>
The next leg of the trip put the case to the test, and if SKB hadn't truly made a solid product, my guitar would be destroyed, and I don't travel, as of yet, with a backup.

It seems the airline baggage demons were hungry for some tasty guitar snacks, and while they were able to cause some damage, they weren't able to get inside...My guitar remained unharmed....

Consider this HUGE Kudos to SKB for a really terrific design!

When I left Europe to come home, I had to use Duct tape to ensure that the case stayed closed... the keys didn't work any more! And as usual, it came through with flying colors...Guitar was safe and SKB came through, as always!Any worries about the strength and integrity of these cases have been put to rest in my mind!

Congratulations and thank you for such a great product!

Brett Mikels

ps, I'll send more pics from the road next trip... Australia, Ireland, and