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The PS-55 Offers Plenty Of Real Estate And Power!

The PS-55 Offers Plenty of Real Estate and Power!

April 17, 2008

I have been singing, writing, and playing guitar for over 26 years now. I have played in wedding/show bands full-time, several original gospel music projects, featured on several CD releases (live worship and studio), and currently devote much of my creative energy to the local church.

I recently purchased the 1SKB-PS55 stagefive® Pedalboard and have it configured with my electric guitar into the Whirlwind selector, which splits the signal to a Boss TU12H tuner and the input to the Line6 POD X3Live. The X2 Digital Wireless (acoustic guitar) output goes to the non-buffered input of the SKB PS55 and the instrument output feeds the Aux input of the X3 Live (this is so I can bypass the wireless easily and switch to a cable if I have to). The X3 Live outputs feed Loop A & B Effects Outputs (Returns), and the Loop A & B Amp Sends go directly to my 2 Atomic 112/18 amplifiers for full stereo. The acoustic guitar portion is output from the POD X3 XLR outputs directly to the stage box. All cable is GeorgeL’s .155 and I made great use of the SKB PS55’s internal cable routing. Nice and neat!

The 2 SKB PS55 9VAC outlets are powering both the Line6 X3Live pedalboard (awesome!!!) and the Line6 DL4 delay (double awesome!!). There is plenty of current available here. The 9VDC outputs are powering my X2 Digital Wireless, Boss TU12H, and Whirlwind Selector.

The major wins for me with this pedal board were its ability to mount everything (Massive Real-Estate) and its capability of powering everything I needed (NO WALL-WARTS OR LINE-LUMPS!!!!! YAY!!!). It’s also built like a tank. I have a similar pedalboard from SKB’s major competitor, and I strongly dislike the soft case. It offers virtually no protection for the enclosed gear. The SKB’s hook-side Velcro is also attached significantly more robustly (staples and adhesive) than the competitors adhesive-only hook-side attachment. My pedals literally slid off my other pedalboard in storage when the adhesive warmed up (yuck!).

My band is the praise and worship team at Powerhouse Christian Church in Wyckoff, NJ. We play a contemporary and hugely varied mix of music. I need to be able to produce everything from pure acoustic guitar, to heavily effected electric guitar, to full-on-raging arena rock in the space of 5 songs every Sunday morning. The SKB PS55’s combination of terrific signal-routing, and the POD, are helping tremendously with this task. I also sing and share in worship leading, so the PS55’s footprint works well with a normal tripod boom mic stand.

Thanks for making this pedalboard!


Darren McLaud