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On The Road Again . . .

On The Road Again . . .

May 7, 2008

My passion for collecting saxophones has resulted in a collection of over 100 saxes and an additional 150 rare wind, brass, and percussion instruments. I hope to some day establish a musical instrument museum where visitors of all ages can see, hear, and even play some of these rare instruments. That is why I rely on SKB cases to keep my rare instruments safe while traveling.

Saxophobia was founded to offer audience members a rare glimpse at some of the most unusual saxophones ever manufactured and pays tribute to the great jazz legends who popularized the instrument. The Saxophobia show features a tiny curved sopranino sax, a 6 12 foot tall contrabass sax, and virtually everything in between including a rare Connosax, slide sax and original Adolphe Sax tenor.

We recently returned from a 16 state tour with the new Saxophobia show. The tour included formal concerts in theaters and performing arts centers and school outreach programs throughout the US promoting the enjoyment of making music. While traveling through a remote area of Montana myself and the guys, Curtis Brengle, Paul Johnson and Bruce Lett, took this photo during an evening layover on the tour with just a few of the vintage saxes secured in their SKB cases.