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SKB Protects Family Heirloom

June 18, 2010

To the folks at SKB,

I just wanted to share this incident with you guys because the ATA Roto Acoustic case is out of this world!!

We flew out of San Antonio, Texas to play a gig in Charlotte North Carolina. The promoter had 2 suburbans pick us up. One for our gear, the other to take us to the venue. As we pull into the tunnel behind the suburban with the gear, I see the driver pop open the back door as I watched my case fall out head first onto the concrete!! I just about died. I'm talking 5' to the ground!! I open up my case to check on my guitar and to my surprise nothing was wrong with it!! The case was just fine too!!

My guitar is priceless to me because it was my fathers. It's a 1966 Martin Macias Bajo Sexto (12 string) worth over 4K!! I will NEVER put my guitar in anything other than a SKB case!

Thanks to all at SKB.

Santos Valadez, Jr.