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Call Of The Drums To Red Rock Canyon

Call of the Drums to Red Rock Canyon

June 30, 2011

Drummer Chris Moore, LA based drummer with Dilana, Cry Wolf and the upcoming Vic Johnson solo CD, definitely knows the value of taking care of his gear. After speaking with Chris on the phone and checking out his website, www.chrismooredrummer.com , I noticed his photo gallery where he had a photographer, Alex Solca www.alexsolca.com, set-up a shot of his trusted transport protection. It’s not often that we get professional pictures of our cases and Chris offered to share the photo with us.

“When asked to do a remote photo shoot for Cry Wolf, as usual, I transported my DW kit in my SKB roto-molded drum cases for transport protection to California’s Red Rock Canyon. When the Cry Wolf shoot was complete and my drums were nestled in their SKB cases the photographer set the protected gear along with myself and my throne for a final shot before loading back into the truck. My gear has toured the world with confidence in his SKB cases.”


Chris Moore