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Grateful Guitar Player

February 20, 2001

My name is Justin Sherman. I would like to thank you for building such a strong guitar case.

I had the most devastating thing happen to me last Friday night. We were on our way out to the gig we had that night and we were a little pressed for time. There were two cars leaving my house and the car I was in had to get gas. We left first and pulled up into the gas station and up to the gas pump. Then before we had even gotten out of the car the driver of the other car came up to the window and said, "I've got some really bad news", and I asked what, what is it? He said, "I just ran over your guitar". My heart sank into my stomach, I was sure already which guitar it was but I still asked which one it was, I have two guitars that I use at gigs. I'm not sure if he replied, I think just gave me a funny look. So of course I want to see it and he pulls it out of his truck, an old Ford F-150. He hadn't even pulled it out of its case yet. And there it was, the case looked pretty tore up on one side, but it still had its shape to it. I got run over on the body side. So I open it up, it was pretty easy to open considering it just had been run over by a two thousand pound truck (I'm not sure on the weight), and there it was, my Fender Telecaster, my pride and joy, my only reason for living, my favorite electric guitar without a single wound. God, I felt so stupid and relieved at the same time. I'm not sure if it would have held up if it had been the neck side that was run over.

I thought back to how it happened - I bought my last three things outside to go in the car; it was my pedal board, my crate of misc. things, and my guitar; and I set them down next to the car. Then I ran back to check for anything else left in the house. When I got back to the car I saw the crate and the pedal board in the back seat so I assumed my guitar was in the trunk, my mistake right there. It was very dark outside, and it was a black case on the black street. So I hopped in the car and we left for the gas station and the other car pulled out after and blam...

It was my fault; I'm very lucky to still have my guitar. I want to thank you again for the great case; it truly withstood a lot of weight. I'm gonna need another one now, the old one works, but it isn't water tight anymore.

Thanks again, I am truly grateful to a great case!

Justin Sherman