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Ziggy Marley Guitarist On Tour With SKB!

Ziggy Marley Guitarist on Tour with SKB!

March 12, 2013

Recently I picked up a couple of SKB Waterproof Strat / Tele Flight Cases and took them on the road wth the Ziggy Marley Band. My experience with them were nothing but great !!

First of all, they are much lighter in weight than traditional flight cases and the wheels make them easier to maneuver.

Second, they stack up neatly and I really like that for pulling and storing my gear.

Third, the way the case holds the guitar is nicer than I thought. The case holds the guitar very well by grabbing the end of the guitar body and the neck joint part of the body to secure the neck and protect from impact damage.

These cases have gone through airport treatment, equipment truck rides, outdoor festivals under cold, hot, rainy and beach front conditions with a lot of sand flying around etc……… and they haven’t failed to protect my guitars.

I've been using traditional style flight cases for forever and I still like them for what they are. However, my experiences with SKB Waterproof Flight Cases are like a wake-up call for me.

They really are great cases with great design and features that work really well for touring musicians,
and they will be with me on many upcoming tour dates for sure !

I'm very impressed !

Takeshi Akimoto ( Ziggy Marley Band ).