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Letter From Thankful Rack User

March 13, 2001

My Dear Friends at SKB,

I would like to thank you for making such rugged cases. I own a 6 space rack and have over a thousand dollars worth of musical gear inside. To my dismay a few weeks ago while I was loading out after a gig my rack fell about 5 feet and hit the pavement. Since it was late I just picked it up and didn't want to look at it at that time.

Two days later when I finally "got up the nerve: to look inside I saw that my Hartke Bass Amp was no longer attached to the rack from the tow. The weight of the amp caused the screws to rip out of the rails. I thought for sure that my gear was damaged and would need to be repaired. After I plugged it all back in, to my delight, everything still worked perfectly. Since you have racks on both sides I installed my gear on the other rack and continue to use it as my insurance policy for my equipment.

Thank you so much for making cases that really protect that important gear inside.

A Thankful Customer

Jim Smith

Salem, Oregon