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Another Thankful User

August 29, 2006

Hi,my name is Cody. I am a fifteen year old guitarist. I wanted to thank you for your products! My best friend borrowed my pedals, that were in your pedal board case. On his way home he was taking a left turn and the car started to fishtail, he over corrected and because it was wet from the rain he hit the curb and rolled twice and then his truck rolled into a man-made lake. By the time they got the truck out it was completely soaked and then the cable snapped and it went back in! My friend was fine and remember my pedal board is still in there, completely submerged. After letting the case dry out for a couple of days only one of the pedals got wet and wouldn't work. So yeah! I just wanted to thank you for that and let you know I will never buy anything other than SKB (which ALL of my cases already are).
Thank you.