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AARRR! SKB’s 24 Inch Industrial Roto Shock Racks

AARRR!  SKB’s 24 Inch Industrial Roto Shock Racks

August 29, 2006

When Disney Studios and Olaf Productions started pre-production for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies they contacted SKB Industrial Sales for safely transporting and protecting all of their studio protection gear.

The production department decided on eight 24 inch Industrial Roto Shock Racks (3SKB-R916U24) as the solution for housing all of the studio gear needed for filming of location on the island of Dominica.

These 3SKB-R916U24 have an aluminum inner rack with threaded steel rails, 24" rack depth and 8 HM-245 elastomeric, high-damping, wide temp range shock mounts and airtight/watertight automatic relief valves and stainless steel key lockable latches were the perfect solution. The patent pending compound hinge system allows the two, 4 inch deep lids to swing 270° to rest along the sides or, the lids can be removed for easy equipment access.

The 24 inch Industrial Roto Shock Racks protected the studio gear needed while filming in a variety of elements ranging from the tropical rain forests, waterfalls, rocky cliffs and un-inhabited areas on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean.

Caption: Olaf Production crew transporting gear in an airtight/watertight 3SKB-R916U24 up river in the back end of a truck.