Snare Case Take The Hit

May 7, 2009
Curt Bisquera has been a touring drummer for many renoun recording artists as well as a studio musician for many TV and motion picture soundtracks. He is also a long-time fan of SKB cases. Curt shared a recent incident that could have been a disaster to one of his snare drums.Hey Kathy-I hope this ... Read Full Story »

From Gigs To Schools SKB Protects Our Gear

June 23, 2008
Enuff Said is a band made up of studio musicians that have been together for 10 years. Not only do they play regular event performances but also they put on clinics in music stores and for many schools. "With educational budget cuts many of the music and arts programs have been eliminated in ... Read Full Story »

On The Road Again . . .

May 7, 2008
My passion for collecting saxophones has resulted in a collection of over 100 saxes and an additional 150 rare wind, brass, and percussion instruments. I hope to some day establish a musical instrument museum where visitors of all ages can see, hear, and even play some of these rare instruments. ... Read Full Story »

The PS-55 Offers Plenty Of Real Estate And Power!

April 17, 2008
I have been singing, writing, and playing guitar for over 26 years now. I have played in wedding/show bands full-time, several original gospel music projects, featured on several CD releases (live worship and studio), and currently devote much of my creative energy to the local church.I recently ... Read Full Story »

Saved By My SKB-18RW ATA Acoustic Case

October 16, 2007
Dear SKB,I recently flew to Europe for a string of dates, and as usual, had the reassured confidence in my SKB acoustic road case to protect my most prized possession... and the one thing I use to make a living, a custom made Bryan Galloup acoustic guitar that took over a year to make and five years... Read Full Story »

A Case That They Couldn't Crack!

July 20, 2007
To everyone at SKB,I have been touring for over 20 years and I must say that I'm highly impressed! Ive just finished travelling throughout 6 different countries on planes, trains, tour buses (you name it) playing drums with Jeff Healey & my Rolling Cymbal Vault is by far the best case we have ever ... Read Full Story »

A Smilin DJ And A Happy Bride!

June 26, 2007
Hey Everyone!... Read Full Story »

Instant Weight Loss!

June 26, 2007
Forget about Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers! Here is the fastest, easiest way to lose weight... I gig every weekend (cover band) and have a complete PA system and a complete guitar rig. Both my PA system and guitar rig are very compact to begin with, but I still had to put everything in separate ... Read Full Story »

SKB Rack Saves Bass Amp From Fire!

June 4, 2007
Hello SKB,Thanks for making an awesome case. A couple of weeks ago, the warehouse where our band equipment was stored caught on fire. At first we thought everything waslost, but to our relief and dismay most of our important equipment survived. One of the those important pieces was my bass amp which... Read Full Story »

Rack Survives Roll Over

May 29, 2007
I just have to tell you about an incident that made us a true believer in SKB racks. My son was involved in an automobile wreck with our van which carrying our DJ equipment. He ended up rolling the van and everything went everywhere. Fortunately, he wasn’t injured and could only think that ... Read Full Story »