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iSeries Waterproof Case for 2 Sennheiser ENG Systems/2 Sony UWP, Senal Systems

Model: 3I1209-4-BH4

The iSeries Waterproof Case for 2 Sennheiser ENG Systems, 2 Sony UWP or 2 Senal Systems from SKB is an injection molded waterproof case that includes a form-cut foam interior. It can be used to protect your gear from dust and ...

Exterior Length: 13.18 in (33.48 cm)
Exterior Width: 11.12 in (28.24 cm)
Exterior Depth: 5.21 in (13.23 cm)
The iSeries Waterproof Case for 2 Sennheiser ENG Systems, 2 Sony UWP or 2 Senal Systems from SKB is an injection molded waterproof case that includes a form-cut foam interior. It can be used to protect your gear from dust and moisture and transport the wireless microphone system and accessories safely.

The foam-cut interior of the case can accommodate up to two Sennheiser EW100 or two Sony UWP wireless systems, one ENG handheld mic (Senal 18RL or Electro-Voice RE50/B), one Vello triple shoe V-Bracket CB-410, one pocket for lavalier mics or other small accessories, one plug-on transmitter and one 2.5" x 2.5" mic flag.

Furthermore, the military-standard iSeries case is constructed from a high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin and is equipped with a gasket for a water and dust proof seal. It is resistant to corrosion and damage due to impact. Additionally, this case also features stainless steel molded-in hinges, a trigger release latch system, a comfortable snap-down rubber over molded cushion-grip handle, and an automatic ambient pressure equalization valve (MIL-STD-648C).

  • Case is injection molded of polypropylene copolymer resin
  • The interior of the case features a custom form-cut PE (polyethylene) foam interior
  • Case can hold:
  • 2x Sennheiser EW100 or (2) Sony UWP or (2) Senal Wireless systems
  • 1x ENG Handheld Mic (Senal 18RL or Electro-Voice RE50/B)
  • 1x Vello triple shoe V-Bracket CB-410
  • 1x Pocket for lavalier mics or other small accessories
  • 1x Plug-on transmitter
  • 1x 2.5 x 2.5" mic flag Available exclusively from B&H Photo
Exterior Length
13.18 in
33.48 cm
Exterior Width
11.12 in
28.24 cm
Exterior Depth
5.21 in
13.23 cm
Carton Length
14.00 in
35.56 cm
Carton Width
12.00 in
30.48 cm
Carton Depth
6.25 in
15.88 cm
Shipping Weight
5.00 lb
2.27 kg
Product Weight
3.60 lb
1.63 kg

No warranty listed for this product.

Do you make custom cases?
Yes. Minimum quantities are required. Contact our Music Division at 800-410-2024

How do I register my case or rack for the lifetime warranty?
You may register yourself as the original owner of the case or rack at SKB Music Division Product Registration.

How do I request replacement parts?
Original owners of SKB brand hardshell cases may order replacement parts online at no cost and with free shipping. To request field replaceable parts please visit the SKB Store for instructions. You will receive a discount code for use at the SKB Store equal to the online price of the replacement parts you need.

How long will a repair take?
A repair usually takes about two weeks from the time we receive your case.

Is it possible to update my older case with the new TSA latches?
No. Only newer SKB products are designed to accommodate this new latch. Older model cases can not be retrofitted.

What do I have to do before I return my case for repair?
Contact our Customer Service Department at customerservice@skbcases.com or 800-410-2024 for a Return Authorization Number. Please have the model number of the case on hand.

Where will I find my model number on my case?
It is not on your case. You will find the number on your original proof of purchase receipt.

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