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Acoustic Dreadnought Economy Guitar Case

Model: 1SKB-8

Part of the SKB Economy line of cases, this shaped model features our deluxe EPS plush lined interior, providing an exceptional value for the price. The 1SKB-8 case is designed to hold acoustic style guitars.

Instrument Max Dims 
Body Length: 20.50 in (52.07 cm)
Body Depth: 5.50 in (13.97 cm)
Lower Bout: 16.50 in (41.91 cm)
Upper Bout: 13.25 in (33.66 cm)
Part of the SKB Economy line of cases, this shaped model features our deluxe EPS plush lined interior, providing an exceptional value for the price. The 1SKB-8 case is designed to hold acoustic style guitars.

  • Molded-in bumper protection
  • Molded-in feet
  • Fully plush lined EPS molded interior
  • Oversized compartment accommodates accessories
Interior Length
42.50 in
107.95 cm
Exterior Length
44.75 in
113.67 cm
Exterior Width
19.00 in
48.26 cm
Exterior Depth
7.50 in
19.05 cm
Instrument Body Length
20.50 in
52.07 cm
Instrument Body Depth
5.50 in
13.97 cm
Instrument Lower Bout
16.50 in
41.91 cm
Instrument Upper Bout
13.25 in
33.66 cm
Carton Length
46.25 in
117.48 cm
Carton Width
27.75 in
70.49 cm
Carton Depth
15.50 in
39.37 cm
Shipping Weight
41.40 lb
18.78 kg
Product Weight
9.00 lb
4.08 kg

Ships in a 4 pack carton.
Freedom Warranty

All Freedom Cases are warranted for five (5) years to the original owner against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Any defects in workmanship will be covered by SKB. Damages due to accident, improper care, negligence or normal wear, where SKB is not at fault are not covered. Freight cost to SKB Corporation is the responsibility of the customer. SKB will pay the return freight for warranty product shipped back to the customer.

Do you make custom cases?
Yes. Minimum quantities are required. Contact our Music Division at 800-410-2024

How do I register my case or rack for the lifetime warranty?
You may register yourself as the original owner of the case or rack at SKB Music Division Product Registration.

How do I request replacement parts?
Original owners of SKB brand hardshell cases may order replacement parts online at no cost and with free shipping. To request field replaceable parts please visit the SKB Store for instructions. You will receive a discount code for use at the SKB Store equal to the online price of the replacement parts you need.

How long will a repair take?
A repair usually takes about two weeks from the time we receive your case.

Is it possible to update my older case with the new TSA latches?
No. Only newer SKB products are designed to accommodate this new latch. Older model cases can not be retrofitted.

What do I have to do before I return my case for repair?
Contact our Customer Service Department at customerservice@skbcases.com or 800-410-2024 for a Return Authorization Number. Please have the model number of the case on hand.

Where will I find my model number on my case?
It is not on your case. You will find the number on your original proof of purchase receipt.

The following products have been checked by an SKB Product Specialist and do fit in the Acoustic Dreadnought Economy Guitar Case:

  • Gibson J45
  • Taylor 110ce
  • Taylor 110e
  • Taylor 114ce
  • Taylor 114e
  • Taylor 210
  • Taylor 210ce
  • Taylor 210ce DLX
  • Taylor 210e
  • Taylor 214
  • Taylor 214ce
  • Taylor 214ce BLK DLX
  • Taylor 214ce DLX
  • Taylor 214ce K DLX
  • Taylor 214ce-N
  • Taylor 214e
  • Taylor 310
  • Taylor 310ce
  • Taylor 310e
  • Taylor 314
  • Taylor 314ce
  • Taylor 314ce-N
  • Taylor 314e
  • Taylor 320
  • Taylor 324
  • Taylor 324e
  • Taylor 4103
  • Taylor 410ce
  • Taylor 414ce
  • Taylor 414ce-N
  • Taylor 414e
  • Taylor 510
  • Taylor 510ce
  • Taylor 510e
  • Taylor 514
  • Taylor 514ce
  • Taylor 514ce-N
  • Taylor 514e
  • Taylor 520
  • Taylor 520ce
  • Taylor 520e
  • Taylor 524
  • Taylor 524ce
  • Taylor 524e
  • Taylor 610ce
  • Taylor 610e
  • Taylor 614ce
  • Taylor 614ce-N
  • Taylor 614e
  • Taylor 710ce
  • Taylor 710e
  • Taylor 714ce
  • Taylor 714ce-N
  • Taylor 714e
  • Taylor 810
  • Taylor 810ce
  • Taylor 810e
  • Taylor 814ce
  • Taylor 814ce-N
  • Taylor 910ce
  • Taylor 910e
  • Taylor 914ce
  • Taylor 914ce-N
  • Taylor 914e
  • Taylor K24ce
  • Taylor K24e
  • Taylor PS10ce
  • Taylor PS10e
  • Taylor PS14ce
California Proposition 65

You may have heard that everything gives you cancer – if you live in California. The reason is that it is a California state law that requires businesses to provide reasonable warning about the use of any chemicals the state has decided could cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. The list of chemicals and substances is extensive - currently totaling approximately 900.

For those consumers who live outside of California, you are not accustomed to seeing Prop 65 Warnings everywhere you go to shop, eat, buy groceries, fix your car, and are even posted at amusement parks.

SKB has been making cases since 1977. We have no reported cases of our products causing harm or danger to anyone. We believe in the safety of our products and we meet all the applicable safety requirements. We are unable to test against the 900+ chemicals listed for Prop 65 and to 100% certainty, and therefore, in an abundance of caution, we have placed the warning on our products to be in compliance with this California regulation. You will also see the Prop 65 warning on products that you buy outside of California, because we are unable to determine our products’ final retail destination.

For any questions you may have about our products and California Prop 65, please contact us at CaProp65@skbcases.com