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Email pageSKB Fit Chart for ATA Universal Mixer Safe 3026

The following products are known to fit properly in the 1SKB-3026 ATA Universal Mixer Safe 3026. A complete list of SKB Fit Charts is available for determining what instruments and gear fit in other SKB products.

If you believe that one of our SKB Fit Charts should be amended, or you need assistance, please email fitcharts@skbcases.com. While we work hard to keep the SKB Fit Charts as complete and accurate as we are able, it is not always possible to list every brand and model available! We are not responsible for errors or omissions, but appreciate your feedback.

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Models that fit properly in the ATA Universal Mixer Safe 3026

Allen & Heath GL2200-412

Allen & Heath GL2200-416

Behringer DDX 3216

Behringer MX 2442A

Behringer PMH5000

Crate Audio CSX12

Korg DX16XD

Mackie CFX-16

Mackie CFX-20

Mackie Hui control

Panasonic DA7

Peavey RQ 1606M

Peavey RQ 2318

Peavey Unity 1002-12

Peavey Unity 2002-12 RQ

Peavey Unity 2002-16 RQ

Peavey XR 1600F

Peavey XR-1200D

Peavey XR-680C

Peavey XR-800D

Peavey XR-886

Phonic 1202B

Phonic Impact II 12

Phonic PMC-802B

Phonic Powerpod 2280

Ramsa WR-S4412S

Ramsa WR-S4416S

Roland VM-C7200

Roland VS-2480/CD

Spirit Digital 328

Spirit Live 32 (12 & 16 Ch.)

Spirit Live 42 (12 Ch.)

Spirit LX7 (16 Ch.)

Studiomaster Diamond 16-2

Studiomaster Diamond 16-3

Studiomaster Diamond 37591

Studiomaster Horizon 1208

Studiomaster Horizon 1216

Studiomaster PRO2-203

Studiomaster Showmi 16-2

Studiomaster Trilogy 206

Studiomaster Vision 708

Studiomaster Vision 712

Studiomaster Vision 8, 12, 16

Tascam M-1516

Tascam TM-D 4000

Yamaha 01V

Yamaha EMX 5000-12

Yamaha EMX 5000-20

Yamaha MX400-12

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