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iSeries 2424-10 Mac Pro Tower Case

Model: 3i-2424-MACP
Category: Laptop & Desktop Cases

The 3i-2424-MACP has been designed especially to accommodate a Mac Pro Tower (2019 or later models), with room for a keyboard with numeric keypad, track pad 2, mouse, and all necessary cables. This waterproof iSeries case ...

Exterior Length: 26.50 in (67.31 cm)
Exterior Width: 26.54 in (67.41 cm)
Exterior Depth: 15.65 in (39.75 cm)

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iSeries Canon AX11 Camcorder Case

Model: 3i-1510-6XA
Category: Video Cases

The iSeries 3i-1510-6XA features a high quality foam interior that has been form cut to fit the Canon XA11, XA15, XA40, or XA45 camcorder with additional pockets for two batteries (either BP-820 or BP-828), two memory cards, ...

Exterior Length: 16.24 in (41.25 cm)
Exterior Width: 12.94 in (32.87 cm)
Exterior Depth: 6.78 in (17.22 cm)

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iSeries Canon XF405 / XF400 Camcorder Case

Model: 3i-1610-10XF
Category: Video Cases

The iSeries 3i-1610-10XF features a custom, high quality foam interior that's been form cut to accommodate the Canon XF405 or XF400 camcorder with additional pockets for two batteries (BP-828), two memory cards, remote, power ...

Exterior Length: 17.38 in (44.15 cm)
Exterior Width: 12.54 in (31.85 cm)
Exterior Depth: 11.68 in (29.67 cm)

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iSeries Sony A7 (II/III/IV) Two Camera and Lenses Case

Model: 3i-20117-SA7
Category: Photo Cases

The 3i-20117-SA7 case is ideal for wedding and event photographers. It was designed to fit two camera bodies with 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses attached, and includes removable blocks to accommodate camera bodies with or without...

Exterior Length: 21.89 in (55.60 cm)
Exterior Width: 13.96 in (35.46 cm)
Exterior Depth: 9.00 in (22.86 cm)

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iSeries Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Case

Model: 3i-10063ATM
Category: Video Cases

The iSeries 3i-10063ATM was designed to fit the Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini or ATEM Mini Pro Switcher. The case interior features high quality foam that has been form cut to fit the switcher with a large additional pocket ...

Exterior Length: 11.72 in (29.77 cm)
Exterior Width: 8.00 in (20.32 cm)
Exterior Depth: 3.86 in (9.80 cm)

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